K J Yesudas
K J Yesudas is known as Gandharva or Angel of Music. He has sung tens of thousands of songs in different languages. Yesudas was born in Kochi in 1940. His father Augustine Joseph was a musician.
V Dakshinamoorthy
Dakshinamoorthy is a famous musician and director, with great expertise in Carnatic music. He has given music for films in Indian movies in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. His mother Parvathi Ammal noticed the talent and encouraged him, and he became one of the most revered musicians in the country.

M. G. Sreekumar
M G Sreekumar is a musician, music director, award winning playback singer and reality show judge. He is the younger brother of famous music director, M G Radhakrishnan. His sister is also a famous musician. He made his mark with his youthful voice and expertise in singing fast songs as well as semi-classical songs.

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G Devarajan
G Devarajan was a music composer with an unexpected range. He composed music for more than 300 Malayalam films and many dramas. His versatility was also proven in Tamil and Kannada.
Devarajan was a music director from Kerala and has composed several famous songs during 1950s and 60s. He had good classical music roots, and never compromised purity of music for popularity.
S Janaki
Janaki has sung numerous songs in south Indian languages of Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. She has also sung some songs for Hindi movies. She also composes music and also writes songs.
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