Thiruvathirakali is a dance performed by women and girls in Kerala. Thiruvathirakali was performed on Dhanu month on the day of Thiruvathira. The dance has its origins along the lines of Hindu Purana. It is performed to celebrate the unison of Shiva and Parvathi.
Kavadiyattam is performed in Subramanya temples of kerala. This art form has its origin in Tamilnadu. It is a temple art where devotees dance with Kavadi to express their faith to Subramanya.
Parunthattam is a folk art found in Central Kerala. It is an eagle dance, denoting its movements etc. Performance is based on stories in Puranas and are typically accompanied by drums
Pulikali or kaduvakali has become really popular in the recent times during Onam. Puli means tiger, and theme revolves around a hunter hunting a bunch of tigers.

Pavakkathakali – Puppet kathakali
Pavakkathali is puppet show based on Kathakali characters. The artists go to the houses one by one and conduct the performance.

Popular Artists


Theyyam is a folk dance, but with classical elements, performed in Kerala, in the northern districts. It is performed in Devi temples in Kannur and Kasargod.